Inspired by Ben Franklin, Robert Heinlein and Hollywood's "pay it forward” message, our foundation GIVES startup business capital to single mothers and in return they GIVE 25% of their profits back to a social cause of their choice. We are a unique charity whose mission is to teach the transformative power of giving.

 1) WE CHANGE RECEIVERS INTO GIVERS. When the single mothers give 25% of their profits to the community it increases their self esteem and increases their sense of empowerment.

2) WE INTERNALLY FUND OUR ADMINISTRATIVE EXPENSES. 100% of our project funds benefit single mothers because we internally pay for our administrative expenses. Our mission is to help single mothers build a better life, not to build another organization. We use alliances with existing organizations to maximize capital and labor resource efficiency and effectiveness.

3) WE HAVE AN OPEN SOURCE CONCEPT  (like the Linux kernel that Android uses). We encourage our alliance partners to use our model afterwards free of charge. Our goal is to help as many people as possible to make the world a better place 100 years from now.


The selection process with the Cartagena Chamber of Commerce and Acción Interna fountation

The power of giving

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