Our Mission

Teaching the power of giving.

Inspired by Ben Franklin, Robert Heinlein and Hollywood's "pay it forward” message, our foundation GIVES startup business capital to single mothers and in return they GIVE 25% of their profits back to a social cause of their choice. We are a unique charity whose mission is to teach the transformative Power of Giving.



Why does the foundation only help single mothers start businesses ?

Family is society´s foundation.
Mother´s generally bond the family together.
Single mother´s face the most pressure in developing this family bond with the least resources.

Why does the foundation require 25% of the business’s profits to be given to other charity efforts ?

Because its better to give than to receive. The act of giving greatly increases a person’s positive self esteem, has health benefits (lower blood pressure, mortality rates) and provides a powerful example of hope to their community.

What are the most important criteria in selecting projects to fund ?

Experience within that type of business, desire to improve their lives and their children’s, and a desire to help others. In other words, a sharp mind and a kind heart.

What happens after a single mother starts her business ?

G4 provides assistance to ensure their success by forming support teams (and holding prize winning contests between teams), monitoring their sales and providing access to small business experts for marketing and business planning. Also G4 monitors their 25% donations to various social causes within their communities.

Why is Give it 4ward a registered charity in both the US and Colombia ?

Because we are testing our hypothesis in Colombia that a single mother’s desire for a better life for her children transcends geopolitical boundaries before commencing the US tests to ensure that our unique charity model is successful. Our goal is to start testing in Detroit, MI and Durham, NC.

What should I do if I want more information ?

send an email at contact@giveit4ward.org


John Fife – USA Director

John Fife is the founder and funder of Give it 4ward.

His varied business ownership interests includes developing anchored retail projects. Converting the first rock quarry into a community shopping center in the US (Kmart/Food Lion) illustrated the power of intention and innovation which has been invaluable in developing this novel charitable concept.

Pablo Hincapie – Colombia Director

Pablo Hincapie is a Cartagena native and the legal representative for the foundation. He has a college degree in industrial design from Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana and entrepreneurial experience in a variety of fields, including the first drone program for the Colombian military and winning a government sponsored contest for entrepreneurs that provided $150k (USD) to start his first business (aerial surveillance with drones) He has extensive collaboration expertise with his interpersonal contacts and those contacts are responsible for our current alliances.

Claudia Mejia – Single Mother’s director

Claudia Mejia is a Cali native and working single mother. She is a devoted mother, her positive energy and spirit in the face of challenging daily demands are an inspiration to all.

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